Monday, April 12, 2010

The Influence of Toys on Children

Toys are influence children' thinking. The boys children take the toys apart and put them back together are practise their brains. however, grils children are usually talk to the toy after they get a toy. what thwy are talking to the toys are depend on what type of the toys they get. Although grils and boys are very differently in their way to play with the toy, good toys help children practise their brains to influence their personalities and language ability. But, gender and personalities are the enssence qulity of influence children' thinking. It can be changed by change the enviorment and education. as the children still young, parents can choose intellective toys for the chidren. try to keep far away with the volience and noneducation things.

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  1. nice way of thinking Yawen, and I have to admit that I read this paragraph twice cause liked it.